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>> stop the violence! >> when they do something viole violent. >> reporter: madrid and others at the rally say it is time for the community to take a stand. >> we can't rely on other people to do it. >> reporter: 33 homicide this year. eight happened in the span of 11 days. san jose police said gang activity is high and working on the problem while asking neighbors to pitch in. >> come on, guys, a lot of us were involved in that stuff as kids. we know what it is look to be in those things. we need to pull those guys out. need to pull those kids out of those kind of things let them know there is an alternative. >> every life is precious. every homicide is senseless. there is death, but homicide and violence doesn't need to be a part of our lives. >> reporter: there has been relative calm over the last 11 days, no homicide. of course this group is hoping that things remain peaceful. >> thank you, kimberly. construction under way on the
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dunbarton bridge gives new meaning today day because the work is going so fast. show you live picture of the bridge closed for retro-fitting. caltrans says it is so far ahead of schedule they expect to open the bridge before midnight. some five hours ahead of schedule. engineers say the weekend marks the last full shut douvwn of th bridge for seismic upgrade. the family of a man shot and killed by police over the weekend is disputing the version of the events provided by the police department. officers shot and killed 23-year-old mario romero as he sat in a car parked outside his home on pepper drive. this happened sunday morning at 4:00 a.m. police claim that romero got out and reached for what turned out to be a pellet gun. romero's older sister says she saw the shooting from her bedroom window and that's not happened. >> i seen them shoot and kill my
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brother in front of me. his door was never open. never got out of the car. >> vallejo police did not answer questions. the seventh shooting since may. five fatal. a special accident investigation unit is now looking into the 8:00 in the morning crash. in which a car drifted across middlefield road up on to a sidewalk and slammed into a tree. investigators say the driver may have suffered medical emergency. they have not released the name yet. the area was closed to traffic for several hours. tonight all lanes are open. and the department's star team will deter men what happened. star stands for specialized traffic accident reconstruction. protestors descended on the chevron refinery in richmond demanding big changes. the group marching from washington park to front gate of chevron. they say they want executives
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prosecuted after the fire and the plume of smoke. they believe the government should impose stricter controls on the industry and only by chance that the fire dpid not take any lives. >> we got away very luckily in this case. we know this is not the only case. this will happen again. if we leave it in the hand of, of profit for prof if it it ind. for profit industry has shown they don't care what they do to the land, people or workers. >> the group is calling for chef run to pay out more to support health care and education in richmond. a spokesperson for chevron says over the past three years the company has given almost $10 million to youth programs, economic development and education in the area. chevron and other state federal agencies are investigating the cause of the fire. many of the victims of the 1991 oakland hills fire have been victimized again. vandals struck at the memorial which honors the lives and homes, lost in that inferno. five metal bars were shaved off
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at the base of the metal skull chur in the firestorm memorial garden probably to be sold as scrap. the pieces symbolize the loss and regrowthen the oakland hills where the fire killed 25 people and burned about 3,000 homes. the landscape committee hopes a video surveillance unit recorded the crime and is asking for $5,000 in donations to repair and reinforce security. the same memorial vandalized once before. warning for craigslist users. oakland police say two more robberies took place over the weekend. one victim held up at gun point. the other robbed after both responded to different car ad on the website. you may remember that last week we told you about a couple held up in a similar incident. police are reminding buyers to meet their seller in a populated public place, and to bring a cashier's check or money order instead of cash. all about politics. decision 2012, looks like a
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cross-country mr cross-country political rivalry. governor brown and chris christie. >> i challenge governor christie to a 3-mile race, a pushup contest, and a chin-up contest. >> got a few chuckles out of this. christie fired the first shot last week, telling delegates at republican national convention that brown was an old retread. brown initially dismissed the comments. said he would take the high road. changed his mind. in a speech to union members. brown changed his tactics, challenging heavier-set christie to a fitness contest. >> not much of a bump for romney. romney did not get much of an uptick from his convention. numbers show romney trailing president barack obama, 47% to 46%, where both have been tracking since april. the president is hoping for more
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from his own convention getting under way in charlotte. that's where we find our steve handelsman, live with the latest. steve? >> hi, jessica. good evening. charlotte north carolina, democratic national convention, and democrats, gather in this big southern city there is a bit of a debate under way. should president obama a, mostly run on his record. or b, mostly promise a better second term. it was clear today his choice is a. he need their votes to win ohio, a key battleground. so president obama reminded auto workers at a toledo rally he bailed out the auto industry. i believeden you. i belt on yt on you. i will make that belt any day of the week. and because of that bet, three years later that bet is paeg yi off for america. >> vice president biden made the same point and more. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive!
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>> in charlotte, michelle obama checked out the convention hall where she speaks tomorrow night. outside democrats gathered and debated what barack obama ought to emphasize. >> bin laden and all of this, as far as health care, trying to change it. he stepped in a mess. it wasn't him that created it. >> i think he needs to shoot holes in what romney is going around mouthing off about. >> mitt romney's runningmate, paul ryan came to north carolina, claiming the president cannot run on his record. >> he can't tell you that you're belter off, simply put, the jimmy carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now. >> romney took the day off, boating at his home in new hampshire. a new gallop poll find romney got no boost from voters from his convention. like the republicans, the democrats are running a three-day convention, not four. like last week this one will
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climax on thursday night in primetime, jessica. with president obama's acceptance speech. >> steve, at the last convention before he, he became president, before he be came president, that speech had a huge impact. are they also hoping that this time that will be a game changer? >> sure they are. they have also got something to encourage them. not only the gallop poll that showed of all recent presidential speeches, more americans, 58%, called president obama's in 2008 either excellent or good. but they have got the newest number, mitt romney's number. the percentage calling his speech last thursday in tampa, excellent or good was 38%. that's the lowest number that g gallups ever polled. hot to hear obama here in charlotte. back to you. >> thank you, steve. keep up with you during the week. continuing coverage of the democratic national convention, live coverage of the big speeches begin tomorrow night.
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nbc bay area at 7:00. also have indepth analysis on line >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. for many of us, good outdoor labor day weather. >> it was really perfect to get outside and enjoy if you could. there was plenty of sunshine. little fog on kes licoastline. for a lot, the hottest weather in the past, four, five daves. high pressure offshore. that will be slowly fading. we head through the next 24, 36 hours. right now that offshore wind that we had throughout interior vallies did produce 95 in livermore. hottest. morgan hill, 95. south san jose, 89. temperatures starting to back off, upper sects and l60s and 7. the sign of the fog building. see it in our satellite loop. getting pretty expensive. going to help to cool off our temperatures. if you are headed to san
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francisco tonight. see the fog building over the golden gate gap. we will talk more about how temperatures could drop for this week in the full seven-day forecast. >> all right. see you then, jeff. okay, organic versus conventional produce. is it worth the extra money to go toorganic. a research, shows buying store brand may not beso bad afterall. >> can they do this? why, facebook, cracking down on the number of likes for certain posts. back in a moment.
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spammers love off to like. we're talking face book. and the like button. now engineers at menlo park. are working to maintain the credibility of the like feature by weeding out the fakes. facebook says that, a like that doesn't come from someone
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interested in connecting with the page, benefits no one. on its official blog, facebook has announced. an automated effort to remove suspicious likes after the crackdown, the number of likes on corporate pages is expected to drop, by less than 1% on average. >> the world's largest retaler is looking to speed things up at the checkout line. wal-mart testing a system which allows shoppers to use their own smart phones to scan items as they go shopping. when you are done shopping, the app will transfer the list of items to a self check out counter. you will not pay through the app. wal marlt sa >> in health matters, a warning for students at san francisco state university. they may be at risk for checken pox after two students were diagnosed with the disease. and school leaders are alerting students. the first student with chicken pox, visited campus last monday and wednesday. and spent time at campus bookstore. the second student lived on campus and visited several buildings last friday. many parents think their child's
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terrible twos are normal. however, new studies show how a toddler's tantrum patterns could be linked to mental health problems. researchers developed a guide that helps parents and doctors determine whether a tantrum is part of being a toddler or a seen of a behavioraler to. they say children who have tantrums out of the blue or, are so upset that they become exhausted, may need to be evaluated. well, with all of the holiday cookouts happening and the big trip to the supermarket. you may be asking yourself its the price of organic food worth it. despite a widely held belief, a stanford study sg jeuggests org doesn't mean healthier. erica edward has more. >> reporter: the popularity of organic food and drinks has skyrocketed. growing from $1 billion in u.s. sales in 1990 to $30 billion last year. but does the addition of, organic label on produce mean farmers have produced a healthier product.
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>> that is a question that consumers are faced with when they go to the market. they see the label for organic. then they have to make a choice. >> dr. crystal smith spangler compile data for 200 studies, organic and conventionally grown food. >> we thought we would fiend mofiend -- would find more differences. the two groups were the same in vitamin content. though organic food had less pesticide residue all of the produce studies had pesticide levels that fell below federally set safety limits. >> what we have gotten from this is good solid evidence that organic produce is not necessarily superiorsuperioren terms of safety. >> there was no difference in fat con cents tents of organic . organic milk may have higher levels of owe mega fatty acid.
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erica edwards. >> on the eve of the national convention, president obama is in louisiana, getting a firsthand look at the damage hurricane isaac left behind. mr. obama toured some of the hardest hit areas, where many people are still cleaning up. families are ripping away, rock, pulling away, down tree limbs and trying to save anything that may be left after the storm. the new flood protection network around new orleans seemed to save the city from isaac, but did hurt other areas even more. at least according to many people. they say smaller communities are paying the price. >> it makes me angry. you are going to put the flad cyflad -- flood system up, a good thing, but not worry where you are pushing the water. >> the army corps of engineer plans to investigate but has confidence their work did not create additional problems. >> tough seeing those people going through a difficult time.
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seeing clean-up, so bad. enjoying beautiful weather. makes you feel guilty. >> if you can believe it we are dealing with remnants of what was once hurricane isaac up across parts of new england. so that is still lingering on the map. unfortunately. all right, back here at home. all about this dry wind. that is what brought us this beautiful weather. not only, on our labor day, sunday. got in on comfortable conditions. right now the wind out of proot proot -- wind out of the primarily north. it did this to the temperatures. if you are just tuning in. here is some of the hottest. livermore. at 95 degrees. not record setting. not the hottest so far, of summer. definitely way up there. compared to what we had last friday. temperatures were in the 60s. san ramon, 94, lafayette, 92. south san jose, 89. even a few low 90s around scam bescam -- even a few low 90s around
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campbell. and numbers are starting to drop. right around the peninsula. 69 in san francisco. sign of a little change in the atmosphere. bring you out to live, hd sky camera network. best eyes in the sky. you will see in downtown san jose. city hall there in the center of your screen. up above, a lot of blue skies. zero cloud cover down here into san jose. real spectacular. lack at this. san francisco. starting to get the cloud moving in. san bruno mountain camera. downtown san francisco camera, has some fog, but it is, getting all compressed. we have so much hot, heavy, air sitting on top of us. it is having a hard time really building up the marine layer. here we go. next 4 hours. hot area of high pressure that produced all our warm, incredible weather for today. that's going to start to fade. then what we are going to find isarea of high pressure. not going to create hot temperatures. no triple digits. what it may do for us, stream up
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tropical moisture into southern california. looking at best chance of rain in southern cali. but for us, may get sticky here as we head throughout wednesday and also thursday. maybe walking around going, is it humid? kind of feels like florida out here. that's why. we have the high pressure region off little bit of fog. coastline. interior valleys. no trich ltriple digits. by wednesday. we look at numbers gradually starting to head down. heading off back to work. getting kids ready for school tomorrow. only place we will find that widespread low cloud cover up into the north bay. immediate coastline. looking at fair low clear start in the east bay. for south bay. and, will we have it? looks like it here. as we head throughout tuesday afternoon. lot more sunshine coming our way. though the fog is offshore. not going to dampen our day. we head throughout tuesday. temperatures comfortable. 88 san how say. 92, morgan him. 90, gil >> reporter:. mid 80s in palo alto.
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east bay, another day, slightly above average. 92, walnut creek. 92, pleasantton. and 80s back into heyward. and 78 and 72 in san francisco. 75 in berkeley. 76 in oakland. on your three-day forecast. numbers go down. not a whole lot you. can see with fog moving in. upper 80s by thursday inland. 60s at the coastline. getting a lot cooler for you there. then for this upcoming weekend, yeah, numbers go down. still looking good with low to mid 80s for the upcoming saturday, sunday. the biggest thing as we head throughout the next 4 hours. the tropical air moving up from the south. the forecast looks dray rigy ri now. humidity increasing. for the ladies may need extra hairspray. go there and do that forecast too. >> we don't use hairspray or anything? >> i do, yes. >> just saying. >> don't want to let the secret out. >> thank you, jeff. >> well, a local golden girl
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opens up about family life and new loine of clothing she is helping design. we'll catch up with natalie coughlin next. i'm a native californian. times are tough. our state's going through a tough time. but we can fix it. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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across the world we have seen natalie coughlin grow up before our eyes. now a new chapter for the most decorated female olympic swimmer in history. >> john kelly caught up with coughlin and she talks about everything from planning a family to her future in swimming. >> since closing ceremonies i have just been crazy busy. >> 12-time olympic medalist, natalie coughlin is revealing her family plans. >> everyone, expected me to get pregnant right away after this olympic games. i am not exactly ready. and fortunately my husband isn't either. we are going to focus on enjoying the next, next few years, and, i will definitely consider continuing swimming. >> that lshe has the advice for
5:24 pm
olympians experiencing new-found fame. >> people who all of a sudden have come from obscurity to people recognizing them on the street, it its a little alarming at first. but just know that people have the best intentions and they're just so supportive of you. >> natalie's conquered the world of swim, has done dancing with the stars and now ape clot clot designer. >> most excited about o'neal 365. active wear, yoga, running. yeah they let me help design. if the's ben really rewarding. >> john kelly, nbc bay area news. >> we are going to have off to check out the clothing line. >> will you wear it? >> i will try. something that comes in short sizes not tall look her. >> and back in a moment. some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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we're not in london, are we? no. why? apparently my debit card is. what? i know. don't worry, we have cancelled your old card. great. thank you. in addition to us monitoring your accounts for unusual activity, you could also set up free account alerts. okay. [ female announcer ] at wells fargo we're working around the clock to help protect your money and financial information. here's your temporary card. welcome back. how was london? [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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some things won't last 25 years. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. ah! woof! some things will.
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for those who feel the need for speed, today was the last day to ride the hurricane. at santa cruz beach walk. they'll start dismantling the roller coaster tomorrow shipped to new mexico. thousand people today and through the holiday lining up for one last ride. >> i found out this summer at the beginning. i was upset. it was going to be closed down. it is a lot of fun. >> i was kind of happien a way. i am excited for the new ride. >> ha-ha. >> good balanced reaction there. the new ride is called undertow. a spinning coaster that zips around at 40 miles an hour, $5.5 million coaster will be ready by september of 2013. >> yea! >> going to be fun. >> enjoy the rest of your holiday. see you at 6:00.
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